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This wonderful Rambler Gent’s bicycle is in Indonesia. I’ll email the owner soon and request some more photos. Hopefully, this could be member Number 2 of the Rambler Owners Club!




Date: 27 July 2009 10:40:17 am BDT

hi.warm greeting from malaysia, name is faruk.i got some old bicycle in a small village around malaysia few week ago.some of them are raleigh,robin hood,hercules(which is so common and still can find in here)until i got 1 bicycle which named as Rambler cycle ashford,england was really confusing i’m asking some antique bicycle collector in here about this bicycle but most of them not really familiar about this bicycle.actually i searching its year of production.they said it’s manufactured around  50’s to 70’s.

dunno rite or wrong i start surfing through internet about this bicycle but really disappointed.i only get 1 blog “nostalgia basikal tua”,shows some picture of bicycle that same as story about the bicycle.until i find your blog told the history about this bicycle that make me so happy.thanks for your good works.keep in touch.i’ll post the picture soon


I found this Rambler bicycle on Trade Me, which is the ebay of New Zealand,




1960s Columbia Rambler Girls Bike, USA